PGA – LPGA Golf Professionals

SwingMasters has provided a way for you to use your visibility in the golf community to become more active in sharing your faith.

Simply upload any instruction videos you would like to give to YouTube. Send us the links and brief descriptions of what is in them. Put them in the order you would like and we will post them to your own link in the instruction section.

You can point people to the site by word of mouth or with shirts, hats, business cards, advertising, and social media. We can make up official business cards for you. See Store.

This is a great way to organize your YouTube instruction videos. We will organize the links to fit your liking. Your videos can be used to advertise your instruction business. Please keep the advertisement low key: website links or contact info inside your YouTube videos. The site’s main purpose is evangelism.

We also can post your personal Christian testimony in print or on video inside your link.

This is a great way to introduce people to Christ and the Christian Life through leveraging the testimonies of many well known professional golfers and athletes.

Don’t forget to tell your amateur golfer friends that they can use the site also to help get The Message to their golfing friends. Anyone can get the business cards or use social media to point golfers to the site for the great Free Golf Instruction and to expose them to various forms of The Message.