Swing Masters  –  Who we are?  –  What we do!

What is SwingMasters?


SwingMasters is a growing fellowship of Christian Golf Pros and expert golfers who are willing to freely share their golf expertise and their faith in Jesus Christ with those who don’t know Him or with those who are seeking.

Swingmasters is a great way to introduce friends to Faith in Jesus Christ. It was founded to help golfers combine their passion for golf with active involvment in sharing Faith in Christ within the fun environment of Golf.

SwingMasters Pros are available for Free Golf Instruction Clinics and or appearances. See  SwingMasters Clinics  Pro Appearances

SwingMasters is also a growing collection of FREE Top Level

Golf Instruction on video to help golfers of any level improve their games. It also directs people to Faith in Christ and has many resources for improvement in all areas of life.

Swingmasters includes a collecton of Top Teachers and Tour Players sharing their faith on video on this website.

The Message


This video gives the SwingMasters theme message..

A message for life!